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Jessica was once deaf as a child.  At the age of 3 where most people have learned to speak, Jessica had to overcome the challenges of regaining her hearing. So she has spent most of her life around disabled people. She once knew sign language and reading lips. As time went by she had learned to read people even before they came to her for help. She had obstacles that she had to overcome such as learning how to speak proper English. So yes she will have an accent, but it’s barely noticeable.  She self teaches how to read cards and understand people’s lives right in front of her. With her abilities to be creative and think outside the box, where people at times can be closed-minded, Jessica has figured out a way to get things done and achieve success in her life.

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My Story

I wanted to give you a warm welcome to my site. My name is Jessica Rauen. It is also known as Intuitive Medium Jessica Rauen on social media. I am from Nashville, North Carolina. I rely on my intuition and the energy of others to be able to progress a reading that will provide you confidence within yourself and what you are asking about. As we all need to take one step at a time. Also, Jessica is a Certified Angel Card Reader and Tarot by Doreen Virtue. But I believe the ability is not in the cards is the reader within yourself. It’s all about trusting what you feel, sees, and sense.

She is getting a reading with Jessica. Not only can you leave your breath taken. But it can also open new doors for you, with her having a conference with the person she is reading. She can understand auras, body language, and reading faces. Her thing is that she does have faith that things can change or even improve if you have faith.

Jessica is known to be very touchy with her abilities and talents from within herself and the person with whom she is direct. As a medium, she can understand grief within a person. She can tune into a situation like a radio. Most mediums can hear from the dead but see things much more straightforwardly than others.

Jessica has trained other experts along the lines of this work. Even if it is psychic in nature or working on a hotline. Jessica is known for working as a Keen Psychic. But she is also an intuitive text reader. She likes to text as the ability for her to text runs clearer. Not able to hear the voice but listen to the words. So if you need training, you can contact her flatly to help you get a job to make money. She is aware of all these psychic platforms’ works. She once was a Psychic text expert.

You are most welcome to contact me for any class information, as it will be available on the page.

If you have questions, you are welcome to email or your welcome to browse the site.

Certifications & Studies

  • Elemental Space Clearing (2018)

  • Realm Reader (2016)

  • Fairyologist (2015)

  • Angel Card Reader (2016)

  • Assertiveness Coach (2016)

  • Crystal Reader (2016)

  • Angel Intuitive (2016)

  • Indigo Card Reader (2016)

  • Angel Tarot Reader (2017)

  • Clutter Coach (2017)

  • Angelologist (2017)

  • Angel Guide (2017)

  • Chakra Energy Healing (2016)

  • Indigo Awakening Studies (2017)

  • Tantra (2017)

  • Dodging Energy Vampires (2017)

  • Angel Path to Ascension (2017)

  • Connecting with the Angels (2017)

  • Connecting with the Fairies (2017)

  • NLP (2017)

  • Feng Shui (2017)

  • Gateway Dreaming (2020)

  • Drama Detox (2017)

  • Finding Your Life Purpose (2016)

  • Healing with Heaven (2017)

  • Lucid Dreaming (2017)

  • Meditation (2017)

  • Energy Healing (2017)

  • Goddess Wisdom (2017)

  • Numerology (2017)

  • Astrology (2017)

  • The Akashic Records (2017)

  • Qabalah (2017)

  • Angel of Abundance (2017)

Not only is Jessica is gifted psychic and empath, she is gifted medium. She is wise and her messages are clear direct and honest.

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I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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